Quality and Safety Policy

Certification: Norma Iram NM 324 (ex 14102) - B.P.M.

In March 2006, we certified the international norms: Quality Standard IRAM NM 324 (14102), "Good Manufacturing Practices for Manufacturing Establishments / Industrializers Food". Having accomplished said achievement for the first time in our history is considered an important and critical milestone.

Board Minute No: 02-03 / BPM 2006. Registration No: DC / QAB L-005 / 1-2

Over the last 10 years, and as part of an ongoing improvement program, we have been operating into a quality management scheme with the objective of continuously optimize our services and products to our clients. The goal is to always provide a safer, trustworthy and suitable service/product for each of our clients.

As a result, we started the implementation of the system called “Good Manufacturing Practices", which will help us to further optimize processes, improve sanitary conditions while ensuring hygienic control of production and the state of our facilities.

This important ACHIEVMENT was accomplished mainly as a result of La Bragandense’s TEAM, its strong commitment, its teamwork spirits as well as its passion to ALWAYS fulfil clients’ needs.